Back to the grind — and enjoying it

Back when Guild Wars 2 was still beta, I got an invite and played the hell out of the game for the first couple of years and eventually needed a lengthy break. I’d found everything I cared to find and found the endgame acquisition of trinkets kind of boring, especially as I was unable to get the components to get the legendary gear as a solo-PvE player (with some WvW for a change of pace). You couldn’t run dungeons solo and that was largely the only place to get the components to unlock those coveted items (unless luck was on your side).

This past week, I returned to playing it, with several expansions released since I’d left and a shit-ton of world events changing the landscape (after level 1-15 areas).

With a current goal of opening another character slot without paying cash, I discovered it was a bit of a grind. Thing is — I’m loving the grind.

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