i will follow

©2023 michael raven

legs cut flint & bramble
i will follow, i will go
breath of the wind & soul
i will follow, i will go

climb the hillock broke
i will follow, i will go
scratching stone to bone
i will follow, i will go

painted in sun & song
i will follow
i will go

reclaim shadow

©2023 michael raven

spirit lost, i am
          left ghosting
      dragging from
walls to; there, on

  blackwing aloft
painted february
skeletons black on
grey on white

    light blind the
fells dragging one
foot heavy &
        stone cold the

white fox ermine
     mirrors the wind
holes filled as they
            black crow

in the drone a drum
beat bearing down
collapse like fire

travel in stone

©2023 michael raven

found, my ancestors:
some cast off antlers
in the forest loam

perfume the air and
here comes the snow
hoar & bramble pierce

carved of these rocks
my chiseled visage
to arms-held sun 

scarlet hand marker
lichen & buried granite--
ghosts in my headstone