Without mercy

Ophelia lately has drawn me back to her embrace, as does Guinevere, Isolde, the Lady of Shallot, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, the Lorelei, Circe, Rhiannon, Branwen… others… Faithless as I am, I pine for each of them.

It has been ages (twenty-five years or more, to be more specific) since I allowed myself to be a hopeless romantic. Things didn’t end well for me around that time, the tattooed “amor vincit omnia” on my upper arm becoming bitter fruit for me to bear, mostly because it had been proven to be a terribly, awfully wrong slogan. Love doesn’t conquer all, at least when the love is one-sided.

I swept up the crushed pieces of my heart about that time and vowed to never get so fucking silly about love as I had been up to that point. Ever again.

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