laying here, too heavy
a memory of your taste
laying here for hours
laying here for days

i watched you sleep for hours
before you slipped away
each minute you grew more beautiful
with every breath you'd take

the shade of you still lingers
imprint on the sheets
i'll be laying here for hours
laying here for weeks...

© Michael Raven


blackwing dizzy dance
widdershins in rain
heyoka, hey blackwing
bloodkissed, moonkissed
trickster, shaman
no -- fool

blackwing dizzy dance
playing in the rain

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love; (s)hack/

with barbed wire kisses and
razor caress
a shotgun heartache and
a kick in the head

she shows she loves me
she loves me

with busted glass garotte
and a kick in the crotch
needled name tattoos and
knifeblade cuts

she shows she loves me
oh, she loves me

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Just playing around with words, folks. I am exploring the cognitive dissonance that should emerge from the above images. It happened to feel like a song in my head as I was writing it, so I wrote it as if it were lyrics, though I haven’t written any music to go along with it. Yet.

I’ll let it steep a bit in my brain and decide if it is a stupid idea later (spoiler: it probably is).

The time might be better spent talking to a therapist. Too bad I hate therapists.