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“Enough of yer damned pussivantin’ n’ fiddlin’! Get off me property!”

It was clear Old Ed meant business, the way he was waving that shotgun around, but Detective Guile wasn’t about to be scared off by a length of rust-pocked steel.

“Now, see here, Mr. Kyle — we’ve got to make sure that the torso these body parts belong to didn’t happen to come from your side of the wall.”

He was talking about the low stone wall pockmarked with blue flakes of moss and clusters of buffalo grass circling Old Ed’s place, a wall Old Ed had put up when he was still young. He’d built that wall with the rocks that littered the land and Old Ed was known to say with some laughter at the Watering Hole (when he was still prone to being capable of laughter) that rocks were about the only thing his family could honestly be accused of growing on their land. No one doubted it.

“You ain’t gonna touch me land without a writ or a peekaboo hole in your chest. Take your pick,” Old Ed warned.

This piece is was originally posted on a social media site back in 2019 using the OED’s word of the day, pussivanting. Only very light editing has been done for reposting here (title, pub name, paragraph breaks).

Free your mind

…and the rest will follow.

The last post was more experimental and probably grating, but I’m, oh, so very much feeling a little more free today to explore a bit of writing now that I’m not beholden to the Cygnet Committee buried in the depths of Facebook.

You know, that faceless censor that makes you fear to say anything that might cause your posts to explode in a cesspool of hatred. Or maybe you’re just a little disappointed that it didn’t explode and you wonder what damp fuse you lit for a fizzle.

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Something Old, Something Covid-19

I’d had it.

Until yesterday, I was doing my social distancing as we all should be doing at this time (bear with me, this post won’t be preachy about the pandemic; this post, anyway…) and doing the exact opposite with social networking and getting a little too wrapped up in over- and shit-posting and would you please take a few steps back, Michael, ‘cos I’m a-feeling a little claustrophobic…

Yeah. That thing.

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