bindrunes: healing & purging

©2022 Michael Raven

As I dig further into my rune studies, I’m starting to explore combining the symbolically-interpreted meanings of various runes into a single sigil, known as a bindrune. Some of the better known (and more complex) bindrunes include the Icelandic staves known as Vegvísir (protection against getting lost; probably post-Viking) and Ægishjálmur (“The Helm of Awe”, for defense and instilling overpowering fear in an enemy; possibly Viking, mentioned in the Poetic Edda), but more simple rune combinations were used on various markers or, in the more recent case of ‘bluetooth’ which combines the latter version of the H rune (ᚼ, hagalaz) and B rune (ᛒ, berkana) to form the bluetooth symbol:

The letters were merely initials representing Harald Bluetooth, a king of Norway, not meant to have any mystical or symbolic rune meanings. But it worked.

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