Scene from KitSotD — Cabin

©2022 Michael Raven

Once again, I am taking the opportunity Anne’s new prompt for the week offers me to continue adding to this horror novel I have lingering around my head. Will I complete it? It’d be nice. If I keep using her prompts, it might even finally get into a final first(ish) draft form. The prompt: “Use vivid, realistic detail to make the reader believe the unbelievable.”

Anyway, here is a scene from my poor, very early draft of a longer tale I am calling Knives in the Side of the Dawn. The working title comes from the Doors song “When the Music’s Over” and is planned as a full-length horror novel that takes place in the Minnesota north woods. Winter is a city girl looking to telecommute and get back to nature, so she buys a house with a history from a family with skeletons in their closet (as well as a few open secrets). This takes place shortly after the earlier scene.

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