Save the Scrivener Cat

I’m still nerding around with setting up a Scrivener template that suits my inclinations before I try to go back to one of my false starts and see if having a Save the Cat Writes a Novel beat-oriented binder works better if I use it as the basis for my Scrivener setup and have it set up in advance.

[Disclaimer: I do not receive any kickbacks from Scrivener or StCWaN; this post is purely a unaffiliated attempt to tie two tools together for my own use. With both tools, your mileage may vary quite a bit and anything I write about these two tools should not be interpreted as an endorsement of either. I enjoy testing things kinds of things out — that is my sole motivation.]

Earlier this week I had mentioned I had opted to upgrade my Scrivener license, even though version 1.0 was a bit lacking in parity compared to its Mac cousin. Version 3.0 seems to have remedied those issues and appears to be better functioning as a result (so far). I see Scrivener as a tool with awesome potential, provided that you don’t let yourself get hung up in the mechanisms and power within the software when you are supposed to be writing. That’s why I am (this time around) setting up my template, look and feel in advance of actually revisiting some of my unfinished orphans to see if the power is useful to my style of writing, or a hinderance.

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