A word of advice

©2022 Michael Raven

O-ho! Aspiring blog writers looking for readers! This is for you.

Engagement is such hard work, innit?

A little suggestion, you might want to read some of what I post on this site and at least cast out a few little stars here and there before you graciously invite me to follow you. Bare minimum kinds of things — it’s called reciprocal engagement. I probably won’t follow you if you appear to be doing the absolute bare minimum, but I might; whereas, an invite sans engagement of any type will be automatically shit-canned and personally (unfortunately, not officially) treated as spam.

I don’t accept unsolicited follow/friend invites from people I’ve never heard of, here or on any other platform. Nor do I do solicited promotions for my stuff or anyone else’s.


Don’t waste your time or mine by sending me an invite to follow you. Chances are I won’t even look at the source of the invite.

This post is in response to a significant uptick in bots or real people inviting me to follow them with zero indication that have done anything to deserve being interested in them (either in subject matter on their blogs, quality or quantity of blog posts, or in reciprocal engagement). They need to go someplace else to get their ego cookies in terms of follower numbers. I heard Facebook puts a premium on such things.