Cut up

©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve been trying to find things that are less cerebral to do in my spare time. Video games have started feeling samey the past few years, as the mechanics seem mostly iterations of past games with a new coat of paint applied. Everything feels derivative of about five different genres lately and I get bored easily when I feel like I already played the game before and I’m tired of blowing money on games I don’t finish. And now that I am part of the PS4 plus club, I have a bunch of games to download and play on whim to confirm some of that notion that we’ve reached some kind of brick wall with games (in much the same way that current music trends feel to me, too).

I’ve been on the hunt for a “hobby” that one can pick up and put down easily. I enjoy weaving, but it is fussy to get started and not something you can just pick up for five minutes or three hours, depending on your mood.

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