Sólstöður // Kælan Mikla

Á sólstöðum í svartnætti tunglið geislum grætur
Vetrarnótt við erum þínar sönnu svörtu dætur
Norðurljósa litamynstur lokkar okkur nær
Hrímiþakin snævibreiðan, glitrandi og skær
Fallin út í fjarskann fjúka fölnuð blöð af rósum
Nornir kveða upp anda undir köldum norðurljósum

Winter solstice in the black night, the moon cries its beams
Winter night; we are your true dark daughters
The northern lights color patterns lure us closer
The frost-covered fields of snow, glittering and bright
Fallen, into the distance blow withered petals of roses
Witches conjure spirits under the cold northern lights

Breadcrumb: I saw you dance under northern lights, many years ago.


©2021 Michael Raven

moonlight kissed
green watercolor blue
aurora shouldered you
naked in the starlight
down riverside
with rushes swaying lazy
dizzy in the head
filled bliss sigh crazy
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com


wraith remembrances
of phantom pasts haunt
me, each clinging like
gossamer filigree
to entwine me to the
desolation of worlds
without end

pulled through the harrow
scraped clear of all hope
the taunting begins anew
chimaerical hands
reaching with fresh promises
for fools

© Michael Raven


denise with the
black and sick-green
painted nails and the 
rat's nest siouxsie hair
hefted each of her knit long sleeves
showed me her arms
etched with words like:
in block letters
to scare me away
"i'm ugly, on medication and
i cut myself. see?
doesn't that scare you?"
expecting me to make excuses
as to why i had to leave

i smiled sadly, 
not sure how to tell her
i'd share her pain,
if she'd only let me

sharing not in her nature --
she drifted away without waiting for
my response,
ophelia in the weeds

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