Odyssey Day 9: Portland; renewal

©2022 Michael Raven

I went to bed early last night; comparatively, anyway. I was tired and it was starting to show in my overall mood and disposition. I’ve been meaning to dial back my time to get back into my normal central time zone frame of reference for daily life. But I was sour all around from the lack of sleep the night before. I got surly and then I got down to spirit work to see if I could overcome my disgruntled self.

Both did wonders, and it didn’t hurt that I had a better overall day.

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Odyssey Day 8: Portland; books & bean

©2022 Michael Raven

I slept like hell last night, haunted by a number of dreams, combined with the fact that I preemptively set my iPad to a 10-hour YouTube video containing a black screen and white noise. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have done the white noise — I find it distracting. But it was essential, as I had some passing through neighbors on my floor that didn’t understand the concept of respect for the other guests.

I don’t understand the type of people they were.

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Odyssey Day 6: Seattle sun, rail

©2022 Michael Raven

I got a lift to the light rail and rode down to the King Street Station to drop off most of my luggage so I didn’t have to haul it around. It cost me because I wasn’t willing to depart with it completely as checked luggage. Call me suspicious, but I really don’t trust baggage claims, especially when I have my meds and a couple of absolutely necessary items in the luggage I didn’t want to haul around for the morning. So I coughed up the exorbitant fee of $10 for Amtrak to watch my luggage for me for all of about four hours.

But it’s sunny and I want to explore the part of the city I haven’t visited yet that used to be part of my routine walking route when I lived here.

Mostly… There wasn’t much to see, honestly. I’ve tapped myself out on Seattle and have basically ready to move on since yesterday. I grabbed a latte and a scone at a place that was merely acceptable. Even for scones, the cherry and almond scone was on the dry side and the latte was lackluster. Not bad, just… Commonplace. Unremarkable. I expect more or of a place calling itself Zeitgeist.

I walked around going to see something interesting and was mostly disappointed. I did get some good pictures of the stadium facade and Columbia Tower, but that’s about it for useful pictures. The notable thing about Columbia Tower is that it rises 73 stories over Seattle and, when I lived here, my chiropractor was on the 71st. While his acupuncturist used me as a living dart board, I could feel the building sway on windy days.

I got chilled after walking around a bit because of the humid air and decided to eat early at 13 Coins. Interesting hamburger on a French bread baguette and jazz music playing slightly too loud. But it’s refreshing to hear some jazz over other options. Slightly disconcerting when college football is playing on television screens.

At least they knew what a medium-cooked hamburger was.

I had traipsed through Pioneer Square in the rain a few days ago, but it was s pretty miserable experience so I took advantage of the distance and took a picture of the square itself.

The entrance to the Seattle underground is behind the shelter. If you didn’t know, Seattle was originally about two stories lower than it is currently. But the tides became a bother and so they moved dirt into the old city, burying it where it stood and built on top of it.

Also, this area I’m in was the original skid row: they used to slide harvested lumber down the hill, the “skid”. People looking for work and not always finding it would end up asking the skid and the shanties built on either side were the row houses. Hence, skid row.

I got tired of trying to be comfortable where loitering is actively discouraged, even as a tourist, so I went back into the station and collected my things early.

I’ve been here a while. Had a bit of a shock two hours before I’m to leave in the form of a poorly-worded email that made it sound like I needed a COVID test before boarding, but ended up being just a questionnaire about symptoms.


I did not need that shock.

It’s nearly time to board, so I’ll follow up later if I have the energy.

Odyssey Day 5: Seattle, part 2

©2022 Michael Raven

I’m going to keep this update short because there isn’t much to report aside from I ended up taking the train back to the downtown area again as I considered how I want to transport the gifts and trinkets I’ve acquired since I’ve arrived here and decided to hit the military surplus to pick up a bag I saw there for just such a thing.

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