Lugubrious Whinging

Feeling a wave of tristesse with no loci, just this heavy-rain feeling. It’s probably the normal cycle, the spiral falling on itself in the west, or north (direction doesn’t matter; illustrative purposes only). If there’s one thing anyone should know about me, I get into these deep blue spots more often than most and, while you might expect balance, you’d be disappointed if you thought that — usually the cycle rotates between grey, deep blue and black. There are rarely rainbows in my world. I paint in shades of blue and grey, with black for contrast.

I miss sleep, that comfy slumber verging on being too warm, but not quite eclipsing that division between comfort and too hot. I sleep, but it is a restless sleep with periods of wakefulness. But now I know too much, seen too much to seem to be able to pull that comfort over me like a flannel blanket and just slumber as the day changes to night and you know you’ve been abed too long, but you don’t want to move, to break the spell, and so you just slumber some more. Though not a requirement, someone to slumber with is always welcome.

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Themes that seem overlooked in stories

  • Cyborg westerns
  • Caol Ait (thin places)
  • Endless rooms in an old decrepit mansion
  • The underground otherworld
  • An above-ground otherworld
  • Kick-butt heroines that save the white knight
  • Birds as anthropomorphic companions to humans
  • Challenges that resemble the beheading game from Welsh literature
  • Shadows as solid
  • Shadows as doorways
  • Broken Narnia-like
  • Vampires who decide to go vegetarian
  • Sexy mummy (NOT mommy, eww)
  • Water as magical conduit

Edit: Shadows as portals! Needz moar!

Blogs, Bastards and Balderdash

Today’s blog efforts were more on the back-end than on the fore. As I looked over the madness I had wrought, I decided that I wasn’t as pleased with the overall look of the site as I had been the night before and I found myself playing around with the themes and the colors a bit more.

It’s the little things that started to bug me, and then the big things. I think the first annoyance I discovered was that the categories didn’t retain their hierarchy in the theme I was using and they looked terribad as a result. Then I noticed that there was no “About” or “Contact” tabs (not that they are any great works of art, mind you, but I like those pages to be present if I created them). Then I decided the whole background take on the header image was really annoying me and that the whole thing then seemed a cluttered mess.

After much hair pulling, I tossed out the whole look and tried to go with a simpler look. I don’t know that I’m terribly happy yet. While I’m all about the night mode look, I wonder if that’s my overall problem. Ugh. I might go back to the original theme.

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