Three poems

don't tell me about
piano bench wars --
i only want to watch for bananafish

on trial
each day, judgement
without accusations
razor eyes averted
and myriad cuts
each deeper than the

the rain is my lover
this night --
kisses wet on my face

Here are a handful of older poems. I’ll toss up some of these recent “older” poems over the next few days. Most were written within the past two years, give or take a few months. I didn’t retain dates, which is okay, IMHO.

The first and last of the three are done in what I call the Jon Muth style of haiku. It isn’t really haiku, but attempts to capture haiku’s feel without worrying overmuch about counting syllables. In the past, I found that the 5/7/5 pattern took away from the ziran or tathātā nature of haiku and so I developed a preference for the Muth’s style as found in Hi Koo! [see below image for Muth’s own explanation].

The second poem is my normal free-form.

The end argument from Hi, Koo! by Jon J Muth

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