where you’ll find

©2022 Michael Raven

twist the world until
just before twine fibres
break the lights dancing
foxfire before your eyes

that is where you'll find me

i've left my blank-faced
paperdoll simulacrum
behind, it will suffice
for those who faintly nod
and mutter half-heart
affirmations of my existence

i'll have gone away, friend
and traveled beyond pales
to the other side behind
mistborne veils

if you have a care
look for me there

that is where you'll find


©2022 Michael Raven

the runes tell me
they'll have none
of that casting
business today.

"need a break, friend.
nothing personal, mind."

i shrug. i have [shh]
something my brain
wants [psst psst]
to ponder any
way; that hair rising
on the arm electric
rainshower feel crisp
origami unfoldingling
whiskey shudder tip
tapping between my
shoulder a blunt

not the veil
but beside the eyes
painted knives
with the thrumhumhum
drone banging on
the heart drum


Reading now

I’ve been doing a bit of reading lately, which is actually unusual for me of late — I can’t seem to stay focused on a tale for more than an evening before I lose interest, which has killed any forays into epic fiction. I can’t explain it other than whatever I’m picking up has either been a re-read or it has had “been-there/done-that” qualities to it.

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