Week one

©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve still not gotten used to being a legal user of medical cannabis; I still feel “edgy” about it all. But I’ve started easing into it very slowly. While most people might go right for “the good stuff”, I’m still exploring the outer fringes of the whole affair. I can’t shake the feeling that, should anyone find out in the neighborhood, parents of other children, my own extended family (and my own children)… that I will be judged.

And not kindly.

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©2022 Michael Raven

I didn’t start the day this way, and it has diminished somewhat since the initial onset — but I got extremely angry this morning quite rapidly and it persists still into the afternoon.

I was fine before I got triggered, if little in the mood to help generate holiday cheer by setting up the small Christmas tree the multiple cats will allow in the house. I’ve figured ways around their shenanigans, but it’s the holiday that has always set my nerves off. That’s another story, however. I want to assure you that nothing much annoyed me this morning, and the day was pretty inoffensive all around.

Then I received an email I was hoping to see earlier in the week: they had released my test results for the bloodwork performed on me. After reading them, my mood darkened considerably.

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