Well, that was pretty awful

©2022 Michael Raven

I like to think of myself as a relatively patient kind of guy. I will recognize that I’m irritable today, but not screamingly so.

I got that way after an afternoon of trying to migrate this site, however, when the most basic of needs couldn’t be met: I wanted my ~3800 posts and pages up until now to migrate over to the new host. I was never able to get more than ~800 posts and zero pages to move over. Inclusive of getting support to try and do it for me.

They assured me that everything had migrated. Except, it hadn’t (he didn’t even do the second import file like he said he was going to do). And the import files… They had all the typical information and a quick scan told me they had all of the posts. The importer just refused to import the larger bulk of the posts and pages.

So, tired of trying to make it all work just so I could have a little more flexibility with the site, I said f*ck it and asked for a refund. At one point in my life, I wouldn’t have minded working through this kind of stuff, but I don’t have the energy or the patience to deal with frustration for the sake of frustration’s sake. Life’s too short to spend all weekend fighting a system that is broke.

Now, time to go eat something, kick back and forget such things like switching hosts for my webpage that isn’t ever going to go gangbusters. If, by some twist of fate it does go gangbusters, I’ll hire some grunt to make it work so I don’t feel like strangling someone at the end of the day.