sunday, midmorning/

©2021 Michael Raven

drunk on a memory morn
breakfast bed and coffee kiss
sunlit laughter
wry smiles drawing me
down to you
tangle sheets and legs
and arms and wiles
whisper love brush your ear

your river/

©2021 Michael Raven

i'm standing here
watching rivers flowing
time moves slowly
without you here
watching rivers slowly

my words are broken
when i try to hold them
and my fingers hold you
fingers broken beholden
to shaping shattered words

over and over and over
dizzy in the head and
falling over

i'm standing here
to wait to hold you
watching time flick click over
i'm standing still
watching for your river

all the words flow
down tumbling water
i drink you in and
fingers touching lips
make me sober

you are the light
you are the lover
you are the sigh
tumbling over and over
through my loving

you are the light
over, over and over
you are the song
over, over and over
you are the river
flowing through me

you are the word
the river over and over
i'm standing still
watching for your river song
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©2021 Michael Raven

bound beyond time and space
wayfarers lost and lone
we now navigate the sea of stars
to a moorage to call home

i see you, soul of my soul
sailing in to shore
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breadcrumb: ages beyond reckoning


©2021 Michael Raven

these days are days
i want to lose myself
in the ocean of you

no packed bags
nor itinerary
no expectations at all
except to dive
into your depths
of dream
breathe your

ignoring the world
above the surface
happy to drown
inside of you
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©2021 Michael Raven

moonlight kissed
green watercolor blue
aurora shouldered you
naked in the starlight
down riverside
with rushes swaying lazy
dizzy in the head
filled bliss sigh crazy
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©2021 Michael Raven

snowfell my head
eddy slow cigarette
kissing under streetlight
kissing in the dreamhouse
not like anyone ever run
through snow naked
flakes melting on
burning breasts on fire
under lips licks
and i want your soft snow
shower gasps whispers
in my head

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