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©2022 Michael Raven

In the comments area of one of my last posts about the gloamfell experiment I am exploring on Twitter, one of my regular visitors to Sceadugenga, Harshi, asked about posting the tale here instead of redirecting to Twitter. At first, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but I got to thinking that it might be an easier read and more apt to be read if I flattened out the thread into a single narrative and gave the experiment it’s own page on the site.

And so I did.

The posts will still follow being posted on Twitter. I want that to be the main limitation on the “how” of writing until someone decides I need to be banned from writing fiction, especially on Twitter. I like the way the limitations force me to consider how I write (although I’ve found a minor workaround that gives me breathing space). But now, you can read the story here as it progresses.

Keep in mind — I have no outline for the story, just some vague plot threads in my sieve-like brain tumbling about. In fact, tonight’s series of posts were entirely unplanned up to the point of me sitting down and asking, “so…. what happens now?”

Anyway — if you’ve not read any of the story yet, you can start on it’s new homepage:


On that page, there are links to each “shard” of the story, with the date of publication to help determine the “freshness” of the page. Comments are open on the individual pages, in case you feel compelled to make a comment.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

gloamfell; shard 3.00 posted

©2022 Michael Raven

In which Winter gets an offer of assistance, laughs until she almost pukes, and we meet an unreliable future companion.

Actually, it may not be complete. It is shard 3.00-3.11. I’ll probably add more to this shard before creating a new one.

If you want to read my serial storytelling experiment, head on over to the newest installments:

gloamfell; shard 3.00

or start at the beginning:

gloamfell; shard 1.00

If you really have an urge to do something equally silly or just plain participate, ask Anne for permission to join at:


twitter fiction || gloamfell

©2022 Michael Raven

I gave a short background yesterday as to this thing I have going on in the Twitterverse. I’m actually surprised at how something about the finality of each post has actually been somewhat inspiring instead of feeling defeating.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, the idea is that each tweet (post) can be up to 280 characters long (including spaces). No edits unless you pay for the privilege, so once it is written, your only option is to delete, which doesn’t work real well later on in the thread. It breaks the chain, so to speak.

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