dancing on the web/

©2021 Michael Raven

consulting the bones
in my winter home
etching out night
turned green
we smile and nod and
pretend to be
other than the same ol' thing

tap out ash pipes
question the web
tangle tease the ghosts tonight
tangle the tease of needs
i twist the threads taut
press fingers though
spaces unseen
spirit sings through fingertips
spirit flows through me

slip me on
danse danse danse
me in the moonlight
i winter bones you see
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com


lonely in a
crowded house
i'm a wraith
wandering room
to room

Originally posted on sceadugenga.com


wandering the desert empty world
a place crowded phantasmagoria
ghostdance painted horse slipping past
recoiling at the spirits chill
waning away like the autumn moon
fading at the witching hour 
behind the liminal clouds
days gone by

abstraction and
finality --
rain to wash away
the dust of memory
walk on
dream on

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