“You died”

©2023 michael raven

Another anniversary of my birth is around the corner, or behind the last. I’m allowed to be vague about the day, am I not? Besides… wisdom.

I have felt for a number of years that the exact age I am is a dull bit of trivia, and I refuse to get hung about it except when it suits me to pretend the old man. Something more than fifty, something less than fifty-five.

This weekend, I should have worked again, but have reached the burnout stage where I needed some time to myself. The sudden precipitation sealed the need and, after digging out, I was even less compelled to pull myself up to a desk and look at numbers. Besides, I felt I needed a birthday present to myself.

So, instead, I decided “to hell with it” and, although I am an avowed horseshit player of souls-likes games by FromSoft (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, etc.), I am still drawn to the atmospheres they create — so I decided I needed to try out Elden Ring finally so I could satisfy my curiosity and stop wondering if it was true that it is a souls-like for people who are no good at souls-likes.

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Grab bag of disappointingly boring contents

©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve been a little less productive here lately, as I have a couple of things on my plate that I’m working on. There is the aforementioned collaborative multimedia piece I am working on, which has three of the five episodic storytelling pieces completed (it takes me anywhere from 10-20 hours per 5-minute episode to engineer the sound and write music, depending on how creative I am feeling and how much tweaking the audio needs). That’s finally start progressing into video format, so I suspect it might actually appear sooner or later.

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AMA/Let’s Play Redux

[Update] Well, this was fun for me when the mouse was playing my silly game, but that doesn’t look to be hooking any other fish this afternoon or evening. The people have spoken, and I will not attempt such sordid types of posts in the future. Feel free to continue the conversation below if you came late to the party, but I’ll probably go off an get myself all hot and bothered getting back to reading Delta of Venus (or listening to Kristy Thirsk, or watching some depressing film like Dangerous Liaisons, or looking at racy-but tame pictures in weird internet places like Pinterest), so it might be a while before I respond.

Okay… Last night’s attempt was spectacularly uneventful as a “live” event. In other words — “Epic Fail”.

But, seeing as I haven’t anything planned for much of the afternoon and evening today, I thought I’d just be stupid and try again as an all-day affair. I’ll keep it up until I hit the pillows, time permitting. I’m not going to promise to respond immediately, as I do have things like cooking meals to attend to, but I will interact in the comments below as I am able.

Keep in mind: this isn’t just about me. It’s your opportunity to share stuff you might not normally blog about here, away from your typical readers.

There is a risk if you participate. If you ask me a question, or dare me to do something, or wanna play a verbal variant of “Truth and Lies”/”Never have I ever…” (where you guess if a statement is true/false), then you have to be a good sport and let me turn the tables on you and make you do the same. Beware: I have little shame and the only thing I’ll promise to hide is personally identifiable deets to protect my privacy. I occasionally am good at asking difficult questions in return. We’ll see how I fare if anyone plays.


  • Share one secret or factoid about yourself that I might not otherwise find out about you on my own. If you do, you get a useless point and I do not.
  • Ask me a specific question, no matter how embarrassing it might be. If I refuse to answer, you get a useless point in your column and don’t have to respond in kind. If I answer, I get a point and I get to ask you a question of my choosing. If you don’t answer, I get a useless point and you lose a point.
  • You can ask me to tell three things, only one of them is the truth. You get two guesses as to which is the truth. If you guess right the first time, you get two useless points, the second guess is worth one useless point. You guess right on the third attempt and you lose a useless point.
  • You can dare me to do something, but it has to be reasonable. If I do it, I get two useless points. If not, you get two useless points.

Person with the most useless points “wins”.

If this fails (as I expect it will), it will be the swan song of this type of activity here. If not… well, let’s not be overoptimistic, okay?

the mouse3
Score updated as time permits (not live)


Interesting read if you’re into the whole cyberpunk thing.

I’ll admit, I am excited, but nervous, about the upcoming game based on the Cyberpunk 2020 franchise. After the disappointment in the Shadowrun reboot (Cyberpunk, with magic) in the videogame world, and the regular open-world hinky crap Bethesda puts out on a regular basis, I always have concerns about how well complex open-world games will deliver.

That said, Cyberpunk 2077 is being made by the folks who pulled off Witcher 3, a game that largely avoided game-breaking bugs found in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises.

Still, it sounds massively complex and there have been multiple delays…

Anyway, check it out:

How Cyberpunk Predicted 2020