tension day

©2022 Michael Raven

twist twist tug
pull me out of shape
these strains stretching
frayed shoulder knots
strings going ping ping
snapping whipfire crack
at everything anything
world churning slip
felling trees of me
in locust buzz august
heat singing hymns
from when we were

searching tenterhooks
to escape


©2021 Michael Raven

wearied walking mounds
memories buried masks
dig through the dust
of ancestors or self
                              maybe madness
i am certain --
it is me searching me in
this corrupted clay

i poured myself
into nighttime bleeding
the universe feeding
on the flesh and soul
of my being
severed to fused and
cauterize with an
obsidian blade while
birds were shrieking

we gave our everything
               was everything enough?

slag and shamble back to bed
to sleepless dusk to dawn
too enervated to rise to more
than simple words
when i find you

how do i atone?
Photo by Ahmet Polat on Pexels.com