Every Day

No Halloween music set should overlook early Ministry’s “Every Day is Halloween”.

Personal theme song. Just saying.

Well, I let their teeny minds think
That they’re dealing with someone who is over the brink
And I dress this way just to keep them at bay
‘Cause Halloween is every day


I used to hang out at the clubs and watch a local goth band (in retrospect, I don’t know that I would label them as such) back in the day named Morticia. They were great folks to chat with: never too haughty or above the people who paid the cover charge to see them and I think they did what they did more for fun than out of seriousness. I mean, they named themselves after a campy sitcom character and they never came off as treating it as anything more than theater (unlike quite a few goth bands in the 80s, which took themselves far more serious than many fans did). I can only say that I was always aware of the campiness while I listened to them and, well, that was as much part of the scene as were the Sisters of Mercy wannabees.

One incarnation of Morticia. Regulars, Matt and Jody are the two on the right.

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skitter scrawl the upstairs room
swimming in evernight eventide
bare bulb filament broke
atop the bareboard stair
chains and anamnesis
aching oblivion's constant gut pull
whisper wood her sobbing
specter shade

A Halloween Remembrance

The following is in response to the prompt/post on Lady Jabberwocky’s site:

Describe your fondest Halloween memory.

It was laziness on my part.

To avoid the unfriendly stares and elevated cover charges that I would garner at a fetish nightclub in Seattle called The Vogue, I’d started wearing PVC clothing, crushed velvet frocks and skirts, mesh tank-tops and other BDSM gear that would put me squarely into the “acceptable” attire category. Sure, some of my motivation was “touristy” in the beginning, but my main motivation for attending the club was that the music was largely gothic and industrial at the time. When I wanted to burn off the anger and frustration stemming from a recent divorce, I wanted angry, dark, angsty music and this club happened to have it. It was a bonus that it was located less than two blocks from where I lived.

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