©2022 Michael Raven

cigarette haze and candle
melted wax perfumes
the room, shadows cast in
black lace window panes
from the eventide setting sun
the lizard king croons
summer hazy lazy drunk
on the humidity languishing
languishing languishing
sweat rolling down sides
august seeming as we
are dreaming tangled
limbs in longing for just
one kiss one song more
before drifting off to

walk on, dreamer

©2022 Michael Raven

dusty boots
dusty roads
tall prairie grass
same as it ever was
undulating waves
rolling over hills
either side
under a sunset
red sun

water bag sunwarmed sip

time to add some
more road dust
to dustcrust boots
nighttime can wait

walk on
walk on

always here

©2022 Michael Raven

cool calm flowing over
waves washing sand
under a vagrant moon
in dreams and in hand

awake in slumber, now
drunk stumble sober
i see i see i see
this is the ocean
this is the sea
you are always
here with me

blinded, i now see
deaf, songs now sing
i taste your kiss
at midnight
under the earth
under the trees

Odyssey Day 4: Seattle, forced rest

©2022 Michael Raven

Of no surprise to anyone, including myself, I managed to overextend myself over the past few days, forgetting that I am no longer the svelte and spry twenty-something who lived in Seattle so many years ago. And it caught up with me.

So I walked over to the nearby Barnes and Noble to sit down and do some reflecting today instead of adventuring. My body is relieved.

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rune pairs: laguz | othala

©2021 Michael Raven

journey with me
that sea of dreams
to reach the shores of
ynys afallach
veiled in the mists
it will be ours
for ever and again

laguz: love (as unity), dreams, memory, “life’s longing for itself”, unconscious growth

othala: inheritance, prosperity, freedom, home, paradise, utopia, contentment, harvest

Note: For the purposes of these pieces, I am drawing exactly two runes each day, reviewing their suggested interpretations from several sources (listed above for each) in an attempt to meditate on their potential meanings as they might relate to each other. There is no divinatory question being considered, but merely an investigation into the relationships the runes might suggest as they come together. For these exercises, I am not considering the murkstave implications from the drawing, but focusing exclusively on the core concepts. At a later date I may consider the implications presented by a reversed rune — possibly when I start casting the runes in a more traditional way — but I am more intent on learning the primary meanings and making connections via wyrd at this time.

complex questions/

©2021 Michael Raven

you asked what i saw
blindfolded on the rise:
trees aflame
with heat of suns
immolation to make way
for worlds without end
my hand held blind and
you sighed...
ashes fell black snow from
steel-grey skies
you cried...
but it was for my eyes
not for scenes described

merely a dream? like as not.

did cassandra dream?
did she taste black ash,
smell burnt offerings?
did her dreams scream?

i stagger at the thought
elbow steady in your hands
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