september’s chill

©2022 Michael Raven

with swords for stars
shining down sharp
cutting vision in twain
here are small
mycelial & meek
under the nightcloth waving
over our sleep tonight tonight
drone the summer
locust tree shredding
to september's chill dream
everything tastes
differently the same
every perfume hunger

stag and bone
come to me
tonight tonight
come to me

journey long

©2022 Michael Raven

dream nomad i
wandering from
shanty to open
field and fews fallen
scratch thorned
under new moon
drawing sanguine
letters scarlet at
east of west

wrap my scarf
facewound tight
against the dust
with ragbound feet
give me leather
give me rust
shield-eyes to
gritstorm dust

i have resumed
keeping faith
a wayward son
of Sovereignty
her one hand
rising burdened
in the mists
a lovers' wraith

we vie for her kiss
by giving sacrifice
hands tossed to

transmogrify in blue

©2022 Michael Raven

born to blackwing
pierced with thorn
w/blood on lips
ragged and torn
i race over greenfields
to the river fall

giving this husk
to four wind & 4
to find the fifth
somewhen under
the stone

nightburning inside...

forgotten days, then
blue fire pouring
through crashing
past bulls bellowing
in the blackest storms


sever the cords
& w/o regret
time to
step over
the edge