What of those who DO have a soul?

Perhaps the most appalling thing about the current crisis is we have someone in s position of power who has no talent for the job he’s been thrust into, and who’s lack of empathy cannot be hidden behind shell corporations or by the veils thrown up by sycophants and “yes” people. At the time of this writing, nearly 8000 people have died; deaths potentially avoidable, at least in scale, if the “leader” of the free world hadn’t minimized the situation and actually taken presidential action instead of going out for a free rounds of golf in the two months preceding the crisis.

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Something Old, Something Covid-19

I’d had it.

Until yesterday, I was doing my social distancing as we all should be doing at this time (bear with me, this post won’t be preachy about the pandemic; this post, anyway…) and doing the exact opposite with social networking and getting a little too wrapped up in over- and shit-posting and would you please take a few steps back, Michael, ‘cos I’m a-feeling a little claustrophobic…

Yeah. That thing.

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