Exploring Cartomancy; Suit Themes

©2023 michael raven

Oh! Hai!

You decided to pop by the imaginary pub I have erected in the middle of etherspace?

Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and sit down at what appears to be, erm, a very sticky table in a dimly lit corner of the friendly neighborhood dive bar. Hell, two-fist your favorite beverage! I assure you that my posts along these lines get more entertaining when your blood-alcohol level increases. I’ve got a deal with the bartender here — he won’t, under any circumstance, cut you off. [Waves down bartender. “Hey,” I say, “I thought we agreed you’d wipe this down before the guests arrived.” He gives a surly nod and I regret making a scene because the bar towel might just be a wee bit more seedy that the table he is wiping.]

[Cough, cough. Nervous tittering.]

Ahem… I want to dig into the next topic to consider: suit themes.

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shadowdancing [A♠]

©2023 michael raven

cutting through scrim
bone knife flint
etched with marks
left by spirit guides
closed eyed sight
with kohl streaked across
shadowdancing thin

I am exploring cartomancy as a source of writing prompts; this is an initial attempt using an ace of spades, which was drawn just prior to writing the above poem.