ashen rain

©2022 Michael Raven

flames flight
and consumed
smoke eyes'
rheumy irritation

their burning fields
tawdry preacher spew
and windows into slights

wraps, chains
these days these days

touchstone promises
washed away in ashen rain


Dervish is a piece I'm working on as of a few nights ago. I decided it needed a little planning to find out just how workable the pantster exploration would be as an actual story. I'm doing some world-building right now to make sure I don't create any major pitfalls for myself -- more often than not, I discover that I have too many conflicts or need to do months of research to make the story feasible as a not-horrible read for someone else, so this may not go anywhere, but I'm liking how it is shaping up so far.

Below is the first draft of the pitch (to myself, more than anyone else).

Dervish is a story in which Salem, a Shadowlands dervish, finds herself stranded in the Shadowlands while she had been guiding an aspiring merchant from one land, Kanaa, to another land at the opposite side of the blasted waste, Praja. The amateur merchant’s poor understanding of risk killed him and the rest of his team, leaving Salem as the only survivor of the expedition.

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