Reblog || “Coming of Rage,” by Ray Van Horn, Jr. is Now Available for Ordering — Roads Lesser Traveled

Hello, friends! Today I’m proud as all get out to share links to my book, “Coming of Rage.” It comes available in paperback and e-book from Raw Earth Ink. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did putting them together. Much love and thanks for your support! Paperback links: lulu bookstore…/paperback/product-ny256n.html… %5B…%5D

“Coming of Rage,” by Ray Van Horn, Jr. is Now Available for Ordering — Roads Lesser Traveled

I’m nearly finished with Ray’s book and I already knew he was a great writer (all you have to do is read some of his lengthier comments here to see that he’s got more than a few tales to tell and he does it well). Reading someone like Ray’s writing is a refreshing change of pace from another advanced readers’ copy (ARC) of a book I started a few weeks ago and just couldn’t finish. Where that book was a tedious slog, Ray’s has been more like eye candy in comparison — one or two short stories before I am done, buzzed through in the better parts of two evenings (and not all evening). And… I am (by choice) a slow reader. It’s easy reading, but don’t mistake that comment for implying it lacks depth. Some books almost read themselves and, mostly, Coming of Rage is one of those books that just flows in that vein.

While the first story didn’t vibe with me as much as the rest so far, I’ve found all of the stories relatable. While listed as works of fiction, Ray must have had some similar experiences growing up as I, as he his voice speaks with authority, and I found myself frequently nodding throughout the book so far. Yep, seen (or lived) that situation before was a common refrain in my noggin as I read.

The title story, Coming of Rage, ticked a bunch of boxes from my childhood memories. I was that kid with the collection of action figures at 12 when most kids were looking to be adult before their time, called queer because I didn’t like the same testosterone-oozing things they liked. I may or may not have had a similar experience with a friend, but it felt familiar. I can say that In Search of Dave the Wave was probably my favorite story so far, a tale of an older guy with a history that might have just caught up with him.

It doesn’t hurt that Ray is dropping band names that I enjoyed growing up, many of them not quite in the public eye enough to be household names except in weird homes like mine. It gives many of his stories grounding for me that I don’t typically get when I read.

I earnestly encourage you to pick it up. Skip that doubleshotgrandesoymilkdecafsugarfreeturtlemochanowhipplease and pick up something a little more… real.

Links for purchasing are on the original reblogged post. I purchased my ebook from Google Play because Amazon couldn’t get their shit together for a Kindle copy. Physical copies are available at all kinds of places.