othala ᛟ

Pronunciation: OH-tha-la

Alternative names: othila, odil, othalan, odal, odhil, othel, ochala, ethel

Translation: Legacy/inheritance

Sound: “O” as in “oval”

Associated Concepts and Interpretations

Ancestors/family ties/kin-fylgja

Communication with ancestors


Group prosperity



Kinship/clan stronghold


Past lives

Spiritual legacy

Stable resources

State of balance between chaos and order

Status quo


Associated Rune Poems

(as translated by Bruce Dickins, 1915; public domain)

A number of interpretations are derived from the various runic poems and those associated with this rune (where available) are included below for further consideration.

There is no associated Norwegian rune poem
There is no associated Icelandic rune poem
ᛟ Eþel byþ oferleof æghwylcum men,
   gif he mot ðær rihtes and gerysena on
   brucan on bolde bleadum oftast
An estate is very dear to every man,
if he can enjoy there in his house
whatever is right and proper in constant prosperity

last updated: 6 feb 2022

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