hagalaz ᚺ

Pronunciation: HA-ga-lahz

Alternative names: hagall, hagal, haegl

Translation: hail, hailstone

Sound: “H” as in “hail”

Associated Concepts and Interpretations

Becoming/new creation


Collision of fire and ice

Dismantling the old


Focus and control of energy

Hel/Hela/Hella (underworld goddess)

Inner harmony


Not clinging to outcomes


Primal crystal/seed pattern for shaping



“This, too, shall pass”

Transformation/rapid change

Urðr (Norn representing “that which is” or “the past”)

Uncontrollable elements and events

Associated Rune Poems

(as translated by Bruce Dickins, 1915; public domain)

A number of interpretations are derived from the various runic poems and those associated with this rune (where available) are included below for further consideration.

ᚼ Hagall er kaldastr korna;
Kristr skóp hæimenn forna
ᚼ Hagall
Hail is the coldest of grain;
Christ created the world of old
ᚼ Hagall er kaldakorn
   ok krapadrífa
   ok snáka sótt.
   grando hildingr
Hagall - Hail
   Cold grain
   and shower of sleet
   and sickness of serpents
ᚻ Hægl byþ hwitust corna; hwyrft hit of heofones lyfte,
wealcaþ hit windes scura; weorþeþ hit to wætere syððan
Hail is the whitest of grain;
it is whirled from the vault of heaven
and is tossed about by gusts of wind
and then it melts into water

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