published works

poetry (author)

galdr: thought and memory

published by Raw Earth Ink
March 2022

poetry (contributor)

How I Crave You:
Micropoetry, Another Way to Soar

by Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski
and Tiffany Mercado (illustrator)
September 2022

Michael Raven, guest contributor

Creative Gems, Volume 1
a poetry anthology

illustrated and compiled by Andrea Benko
June 2022

Michael Raven, guest contributor

multimedia (contributor)

the point
a post-apocalyptic story in 5 parts
fiction by Cherie Lynae Carbrera Suski
performed by Cherie
illustrated by O'Wisp
music by Michael Raven
sound production by Michael Raven
video production by Cherie
episode one
episode two
episode three
episode four
episode five

poetry by tara caribou
video production by tara caribou
music/sound by Michael Raven

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