songs from stones/

©2022 Michael Raven

just as sung
in that
song of songs
i am sick --
cover me with ashes
run that thorn
across my flesh
& naked
on my
blood-stained lips

i go back
to my priest hole
to return
to dust
stopping my ears
to the allure
of singing from
the stormy rocks

of wrecked ships

Futhark update: sowilo added

©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve revised my interpretations of sowilo (ᛋ) based on additional reference material, inner reflection, and meditation. Rune poems and other writing referencing this rune moving forward will use the revised interpretations.

Once all runes have be reworked, I will migrate the old interpretations to the archive to maintain link integrity and for historical references.

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runepoem | 20 jan 2022

©2022 Michael Raven

back home | status quo

dawnrazor cutpiercing
remains of ribbonsrent
scatterling breezewise
when knockering doorwayed
engaged locks held tenacious
virtual steel

cannot help but
wonder if forced change comes

Note: For the purposes of these runepoems, I randomly select three runes and consider the meanings of each rune as I interpret and understand them based on a number of different resources, which may or may not be in alignment with accepted interpretations. I am a rune enthusiast, not an expert or scholar. These “runecasts” are not intended to be treated as divinatory, although there are elements of personal alchemy and shamanic practice in the crafting of each poem.

estranger in steel /

©2022 Michael Raven

estranger outsided
wandering lostly i
pondering monstrosity
lurkly shadowed without

dweller barricadidly
undergrounding the world
trips traipsing gone
& blocked blocked blocked

invisibly me i wonderly
how locked wandered
i am becaming

Announcing galdr: thought + memory

©2022 Michael Raven

As I gather up my things to leave Portland and head back home to Minnesota, I thought it might be a good time to share the news that a chapbook of my poetry, galdr: thought + memory is scheduled to be published during the first quarter of 2022 by Raw Earth Ink Publishing. Additional details will follow in the coming months.

If the publisher seems familiar, it is because Tara Caribou approached me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in having some of my work published. Tara has provided frequent commentary on the blog and I was honored by her offer to get a physical book out in the wild.

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©2022 Michael Raven

WordPress tells me I’ve reached 500 continuous days of posting at least one post a day. Regular visitors will confirm that it is usually several more than a single post, not that I’d consider that an achievement — some of the quality over time has been sketchy, especially on days with multiple posts.

There have been times that I thought it best to close down shop, but for one reason or another didn’t. Usually that decision came down to a few kind words from you, the reader, convincing me that what I wrote wasn’t utter tripe and entirely worthless.

Reaching this milestone is because of you. The credit is all yours. I just write.

Thank you for continuing to read what I write. It wouldn’t have gone on this long without your encouragement and support.

– Michael

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