©2021 Michael Raven

Note: the following is a very early experiment with writing lyrics inspired by Justin Sullivan from NMA (if you want to know the specific song(s), you’ll have to ask me in private). He regularly jams words into a too-small space and seems to make them work. I used to do more of this kind of thing “back in the day”, but was discouraged from doing so with the last band I was in because it was “weird”. I’m trying to reclaim some of that rhythmic ramble from before. Don’t read too much into the content; as Bernard Sumner from New Order once said, most of his lyrics have no message or meaning, they are just words. The same holds true here.

I really should get back into making music again…

walking lonesome trails
is where you'll find me
(if you find me) and
if that's where you go 
there is always a chance
i might make a little sense and
you could join me
but i've never been very good
explaining what i see and
what i am and why i am
the way that i am
and so the road keeps
its abandoned winding
and no one finds me

i was always more likely to
go the overgrown paths 
full of obstacles and brambles
through the quagmires uninviting
so it seems unlikely this path
on no map will be where you go and
no one will find me
(how could one find me?)
i've been very good at saying
what i mean and it means
more than the babble seems
and so it comes off
seeming nonsense
thus, my silence

my doppelgänger wears my dreams --
Photo by cottonbro on