twitter crosspost || 24may22 [part II]

©2022 Michael Raven

I was continuing to feel inspired, so I added a bit more to the story with Winter. I’m not gonna post the whole additional thread, but another nine fragments added to the original starting with the two below. Follow the tweet link for the rest. It’s probably dreck, so click with care and watch your step.

twitter crosspost || 24may22

©2022 Michael Raven

A bit of something for a new Twitter community Anne Morrigan started. Don’t know if my poor effort will end up being anything, but I’m always good for falling on my face in front of a crowd (no liquor required!). First five to start off. Let’s see if twit-lit will be my thing.

Some 1250 characters after the jump…

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Granted, I am not sleeping solidly at night and I’m not sure exactly why, but every time I try to get something written for fells; gate this week, it’s as if I haven’t a brain at all.

There may come a time when I have to admit that I probably should stick to poetry and shorter fiction. I seem to do well with both, but I’ve been seizing up on anything that resembles a novel.

I don’t know what it is.

So, while I’ll try to get the next section in on it, I’m warning everyone it might be a fail. Again. Unless I can scratch my way out of this cardboard box.

Introducing || fells; gate

©2022 Michael Raven

As I warned everyone a few days ago, I’m moving forward with writing a serialized bit of fiction here, written in real serial episodic, soap-opera, fashion: totally by the seat of my pants. Depending on how it is received, I will try to add episodes weekly — if it is roundly criticized as a turd, then it’s lifespan will go the way of most primetime television shows and be cut off, perhaps “mid-season”. If there is continued interest, I will continue to write for it to see where the story ends up.

The first post will come to life later tonight.

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