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Vague notions jotted down…

Movement shaman: not acts, not performance, gathering the spirit — pulling it inside, drawing forth drawing in, filling the empty spaces full till bursting like tasting your tongue on mine as we kiss, tripping the light pale washing across the sky. Dancing the dust, stars that we are, and gut pull frenzy tugging charged with the everything. Hearts on fire, hearts of fire, we burn the night, slipping in the dank canals and writhing snakes. I am the desert, you are the sun setting as I race to catch you shifting through you hair.

I don’t want to know anything anymore.

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I’m feeling inspired today by some of the prompts, so I thought I’d share a few more little wordgoblins.




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random micropoem:



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galdr discount code

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galdr: thought+memory can be purchased at 15% off the cover price with discount code via lulu until May 6. If you are considering purchasing a copy of my book, this is an excellent opportunity to save a little cash while doing so.

If, by chance, you have already picked up a copy of galdr, you can apply the discount to the other authors that Raw Earth Ink publishes, so check out the suggestions on Tara’s blog for other talented writers she has helped publish.

The discount code is REACHOUT15. Let me know if you purchase any of the books on offer (especially if it is mine, wink wink).

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