The Forgotten and Archaic Update 1

I’ll probably add more in the beginning and then the updates will taper off, but I’ve added the following words to my repository of words that are unusual, rarely used, forgotten and just interesting. I’ll do this kind of update in batches of 8-12 or so, and I’ll mark those on the page with a “+” to indicate they’ve been added, but not addressed in a standard post.

  • aglæcwif
  • floccinaucinihilipilification
  • gift
  • kismet
  • scáthach
  • slúagh/sluagh na marbh
  • warg

Check out the page by following the link by the header, or here.

Again, I always enjoy submissions, especially if they are archaic words from which we’ve built new words (such as “sceadu” = “shadow”).

Forgotten and archaic words

I like weird, unusual, atypical and archaic words, and it always frustrates me when I go hunting for new words at the lack of really good sites for such collections. I assume that I’m not the only one who does this (although I could very well be wrong). Not that my list will be much or any better, but I figured I’d start something with the intent of being a stop along the way for fun words that you don’t normally encounter on a daily basis.

I’ve started a new page on the site to collect some interesting, largely forgotten and archaic, words. It only has about a dozen or so right now, but I intend for it to be a “living document” that grows as I find new things to add. Please feel free to leave suggestions here or on the page itself — I wouldn’t mind some crowdsourced approach to such a thing. Be sure to at least point to where I can confirm the definition so that I can link to it. I’d like to stick to largely standard sources for evidence of definitions, but am open to alternatives as long as they are trustworthy.