[reblog] In a Perfect World — Krista Marson

I know a number of people who work in health care and some, specifically, in hospitals. Krista is echoing much of the sentiment that I’ve been hearing from a number of those people with respect to Covid19, especially the two newest variants, articulating her feelings as an internal dialog in this case. Her post hit stuck a nerve with me and I think it is important to get the perspective of people who deal with this day in and day out, instead of those talking heads on the idiot box. Take a moment out of your day and read what she has to say about her thoughts and frustrations on the manner.

Lately, I’ve been writing articles about art and history because those are the topics I am interested in. I like to pretend that I am living in a normal world, so writing such articles is my way of pretending that the world is completely sane. Deep down, my soul is screaming that I am deluding […]

In a Perfect World — Krista Marson

[Reblog] Beneath the Voiceless Trees — Strider’s Table

Nice epic-fantasy-style poem that evokes Tolkienesque imagery by Strider’s Table. Plus, he has awesome-looking recipes that one day I should try. Eventually. When I don’t have fussy eaters at home like I do now.

[image description: Forest in Kuopio, Finland. Okko Pyykkö, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. ] When elves awoke in days of eldThe world was wrapped in twilightAnd first of all their eyes beheldThe beauty of the starlight For they had risen long beforeBoth moon and sun, and walked aloneAnd heard upon the shimmering shoreThe […]

Beneath the Voiceless Trees — Strider’s Table

[Reblog] Firsts, Lovers, and Loves — Alphabet Ravine

I meant to share this a week ago and somehow got distracted from doing so. Shame on me.

Mention myrrh and you have my attention. I have a thing about the smell of myrrh, even though I can’t seem to find anything resembling the essential oil I purchased from some new age shop 100 years or so ago that was my “cologne” until I couldn’t find the same stuff again. It was a scent that went well with my wearing a keffiyeh and a cascade of curls to the middle of my back. Anyway — trials and tribulations of finding the right scent aside, this piece mentions myrrh, which got my attention and set the initial hook, but the words continued to grab me and didn’t let me go until the end. Lovely stuff.

Full piece can be found after the jump.

I gave you compliments like flowers, poured my attention on you like frankincense and myrrh, stayed in your eyes like they were worth more than your crimes and awkwardness combined- I chose you, and I made you mine. So though I never loved you, I loved you first. You returned the favor like it’d been […]

Firsts, Lovers, and Loves — Alphabet Ravine

[Reblog] LA NOIA — Pensieri Parole e Poesie

Natalia struck a chord with me today: it seems for the past year or so that I have experienced more than my fair share of moments of lassitude brought on by the grey skies of ennui and the tedium of monotony. Scroll down for the English translation of the original Italian after the jump, unless you can read it in the original (I can puzzle out bits and pieces due to my amateur interests in etymology, but I have to rely on translations myself).

Foto dal web La noia mi ammazzerà .Sono 7 mesi enon è cambiato nulla…Ah sì, è cambiato, tutto è peggiorato.Sono sicurala noia mi ucciderà!Non è colpa della noianon è colpa del temponon è colpa di nessunoma sto solo ammazzando il tempo.Questo tempo che in passato era prezioso adesso sembra non aver senso.Ho capito tutto..a volte […]

LA NOIA — Pensieri Parole e Poesie

November morn — School Of Blue [reblog]

Rick Frame had this great piece on offer this morning. I envy his Zen-like capturing of the present moment. I wish I was able to reclaim this mindset, but it is currently an elusive target for me.

Step outside into the breathless stillness of the earth:The toadstools, light brown against the green,clusters everywhere, ever so quietly without fanfareappear as if from nowhere. The only movement,the jay eating its own weight in food. I standwatching, breathing through the skin of theinner landscape in the November cold. © 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

November morn — School Of Blue

Love Come Back #Poetry — The Artist From The Inside Out [reblog]

Jay frequently writes some stunning pieces. I love this piece he has on offer today. Check it out.

Originally posted on The Artist From The Inside Out: Tell me all the ways to love you today the bridal bouquet has stopped producing? the answers that feed your love lost heart, unripened, fallowed, the veins filled with dirt. How do I bring it back? Will blood run free and wild again? The light evades…

Love Come Back #Poetry — The Artist From The Inside Out

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