playing with pictures || 17may2022

©2022 Michael Raven

First off, a Public Service Announcement:

Affinity Suite is running 50% off spring sale on all elements of their suite, including add on brushes and effects. The complete suite contains Designer (akin to Adobe Illustrator), Publisher (akin to Adobe InDesign) and Photo (akin to Adobe Photoshop). That means each element is running at around $27 US and the complete suite can be purchased for $81 US as a single payment, instead of a reoccurring license fee that Adobe charges for similar tools starting a $10 US/mo. Without comparing pencils sizes, I always prefer to use a one-time fee over a subscription for software, especially when what I would want would cost be closer to $20 US/mo through Adobe. If you need these kinds of tools, check out Affinity’s webpage (I get no kickbacks for this suggestion. No implied endorsements and no links).

A few pictures turned out decent while I walked in the neighborhood this weekend and went to that local wildlife area. All photos taken late afternoon on 15 May.

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more photos from 07may22

©2022 Michael Raven

A few more pictures from yesterday’s jaunt. Some post-processing (cropping, rotation, and color correction/B&W).

I love the color mixture of the featured image and it was one of the few where I utilized the wide-angle option of the camera. Most of the pictures I took are done with a “linear” focal range, meaning that they tend to not have the curvature of the wide-angle. I took several others of that picnic table with the linear angle on the camera and they just lacked that sense of huge that works with this picture in my opinion.

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GoPro Hero 10 First Impressions

©2022 Michael Raven

So… As I had already said several times this past week or so, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a GoPro Hero 10 Black. It arrived this afternoon and, while I haven’t experimented much with taking any usable pictures, I have been exploring the various features to try and become familiar with the little guy. [Note: this is not a product review, just initial impressions].

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©2022 Michael Raven

I’ve been doing some reading up on several things that pique my interest these past few days in what may seem at first like two unrelated areas: photography and foraging/wildcrafting.

I know — for those who read my non-poetry posts, you already likely know that I am interested in both subjects and you may have picked up that I am interested in combining the interests after I get the rugged camera I have on order early next week. To you, this might not be news. But now I am actively looking into both areas of study — and have been both frustrated and made excited by what I have been reading.

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Waiting for a Hero

©2022 Michael Raven

Well, I got it into my head that I wanted to get a hobby that forced me outdoors more and to pick up a new skill that I always wanted, so I ended up buying a GoPro Hero10 last night direct from GoPro. I wouldn’t have normally bought a $500+ device like that, but the official store brought it to a more reasonable $350, inclusive of a subscription to their media storage and photo tools site (with extended no-questions warranty and GoPro-store discounts). Plus, although I didn’t know it at the time, I snagged an extra 10% off by giving up my email address (which I had to do anyway by making a purchase) and was below even that, including a spare battery I picked up.

“But Michael, don’t you have enough going on? And why a rugged sports action camera instead of a more sensible and professional DSLR camera?”


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