A Halloween Remembrance

The following is in response to the prompt/post on Lady Jabberwocky’s site:

Describe your fondest Halloween memory.

It was laziness on my part.

To avoid the unfriendly stares and elevated cover charges that I would garner at a fetish nightclub in Seattle called The Vogue, I’d started wearing PVC clothing, crushed velvet frocks and skirts, mesh tank-tops and other BDSM gear that would put me squarely into the “acceptable” attire category. Sure, some of my motivation was “touristy” in the beginning, but my main motivation for attending the club was that the music was largely gothic and industrial at the time. When I wanted to burn off the anger and frustration stemming from a recent divorce, I wanted angry, dark, angsty music and this club happened to have it. It was a bonus that it was located less than two blocks from where I lived.

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