broken things/

©2021 Michael Raven

sad because the
water softener
is broken
i wonder if
i might be too

weary of
i wonder
if Ghost would
show me his new

I miss having Ghost around. Though he visits me in dreams, it’s not quite the same. I don’t know if I’ve properly had time to grieve, not when the broken water softener is making me want to throw up my arms and give up on shit.

Eventually… Maybe… Once everyone else has had their chance, I’ll sneak off and do some of my own in private so I don’t trouble anyone.

I miss you, my friend…


©2021 Michael Raven

i see with
blind eye shadows
the hint of blocking
sensing solutions slipping
slick between fingers those
severed threads writhing

this fylgja crys --
who cut those tethers?
it doesn't matter now

i would try to tie
those frayed ends but
do not dare without
a word approval

for then you could see
the colors dancing
around you, light
and beauty

PSA: RSS reader Feedly is now using malware tactics

©2021 Michael Raven

The past week or so, Feedly, an RSS feed reader that I have used for tracking news and information, has decided that they need revenue so bad that every few articles I read, they have used aggressive pop-up ads that redirect me to such lovely web pages that claim that “YOUR DEVICE MAY BE INFECTED!”

Hard redirects. On mobile, I got the popup no matter what. It went away with an uninstall. On web browser (chrome and firefox), the browser blocked multiple attempts to redirect me as I read through my news articles.

I am recommending people switch to inoReader as an alternative. While they sometimes go down, they have never subjected me to what I consider to be malware levels of trash.

This has put Feedly on my “never again” list, even if they correct the issue. Thinking even for one moment that this behavior is appropriate is unacceptable.