SoM Ripoff

I’m not much in the mood to share my writing for the time being and so… the radio silence.

However, I did shamelessly go and try do a ripoff tune heavily “borrowed” from Sisters of Mercy, from trying to emulate the Floodland sound to the point that fans will probably recognize the bass riff as being a “damn close” to the original, but I assure you — I changed some rhythms and note patterns. The overall patterns, sounds and sequences are similar, but that was the intent. I’m interested in what Eldritch did back then and I’ve convinced myself that I kind of know where he came from in his programming of Doktor Avalanche (his drum machine’s name) and/or keyboards.

I’m not even going to hide that I was trying to copy the sound. The song is called SoM Ripoff.


Goodnight all. See you on the other side.

© Michael Raven

WiP: Yay or nay?

Here’s something I’ve been toying around with.

In my mind I’m thinking something like dance-Vangelis. I’m probably going to need some big-assed synth swells in the piece to feel the V, but this is the root feel from off which I’ll build the rest. I figure slow and fat swell pads (there’s the Van) with minimal drums intro and fade into something related to this.

Worth pursuing? Or a turd?

Work in Progress

Alice Trapped

Here’s an experimental bit of music I never intended to take much further (written in 2020). I pretended that I was writing a soundtrack for a bit of video game and I furthermore imagined I was writing it for something along the lines of American McGee’s Alice In Wonderland. So, a mentally damaged Alice trapped in her own mind and slightly off-putting bell melody (not grating, just off-putting). Keep the drums somewhat tripped out and at a tempo that seemed slightly dissonant compared to the tempo of the bells (all “in time” but, again, off-putting without being obvious). Tension. Maybe that teakettle was laced with laudanum. Maybe the caterpillar is throwing mushrooms. Or the Cheshire Cat is gnawing at her one way home and her having to platform her way to where he is. Not quite horror, but something that could lean into horror.

You’ll have to let me know if I succeeded. The only change from my original intention was to extend from 2 blocks of sequence to 4 blocks of sequence and add a fade out. When playing around with it, I just had it on repeat, so this lengthens the tune itself.

Feedback is always welcome. However, I don’t really expect to take this anywhere.

© Michael Raven

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth//Meatloaf

On a hot summer night --
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

Will he offer me his mouth?          Yes
Will he offer me his teeth?          Yes
Will he offer me his jaws?           Yes
Will he offer me his hunger?         Yes
Again, will he offer me his hunger?  Yes
And will he starve without me?       Yes
And does he love me?                 Yes

On a hot summer night
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?


I bet you to say that to all the boys

Take that neighbors. You should have sang along with me.

But seriously — that intro. Fuuuuu.

You don’t agree? Pffft. That wasn’t an option.

Stars are Stars//Echo and the Bunnymen

Now you spit out the sky
Because it’s empty and hollow
All your dreams
Are hanging out to dry
Stars are stars
And they shine so cold

I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter

While Ocean Rain will always be my favorite Echo album, primarily because of the shamanistic lyrical content that evokes the Eskimo/Inuit, Crocodiles comes in a close second because of Rescue and the non-album single associated with the album (I know, doesn’t make sense) The Puppet. Both song were on Urgh! A Music War, a documentary that introduced me to many of the bands I ended up loving growing up (X, XTC, Pere Ubu, Cramps, Echo, etc). Crocodiles was Echo at their most raw, in my opinion, whereas Ocean Rain was the band at their most refined.

I always felt, without being able to point to it directly, that Crocodiles was one of the more Door-sey albums, capturing some of what made Jim Morrison so compelling.

Stars are Stars hints at what the band would become with Ocean Rain.

workworkwork/ slaveslaveslave

I decided that I didn’t care for the auto-posting to Twitter. There are times when I just don’t want to put out into the twitterverse some of my writing (this post, or the aural assault variety, for example). And because WordPress hasn’t ensured parity between their mobile app and their webapp, I don’t have control of which posts go to Twitter when I post via mobile. I’m a control freak in that respect.

Soooo, on the highly unlikely chance that you actually used my post this weekend to shift your following habits from the WordPress Reader to Twitter for this page of doggerel and drivel, you should know that I have made myself a liar and it is only good for getting notice of selected posts.

Which, honestly, might be to the benefit of your well-being and sanity. I mean… 1000 posts in less than ten months? Someone might want to adjust that writer’s Koolaid formulation, maybe add some benzies to it. Hey… Earl… You got any ‘ludes on ya? [obscure song reference, internet ghost hugs if you can tell me which].

I have honestly got very little that isn’t poetry to foist on you these days. Twinkies are back in school, eldest teenage kid is silently screaming [think the kid in the back of the bus in the 80s video Hot for Teacher, timestamp 0.49 on the link; yes… I still live in the 80s] at the unlikely prospect of being forced back into the classroom.

Aside: I’d forgotten just how inappropriate the video would be by today’s standards. I doubt it would get any airplay on MTV if the M still stood for “music”. Please, no hating on me for making a reference to something so overtly sexist. Different times, folks — can’t pretend like it didn’t happen or exist. And it doesn’t change the fact that “Waldo” looks eerily similar to how my daughter looks when confronted with the idea of being a possible vector for… well, anything. But coronavirus has got her absolutely panicked that she might have to share airspace with… well… anyone.

You know — I should probably actually get back to work. I’m easily distracted from it these days — I’m just not loving the raw instrumentation QAQC recalculations I have on my plate and, in case that sounded fun, I’m fairly convinced I won’t find anything wrong with the data because the higher level review didn’t catch anything. If it is bad data — you are rarely going to find it in the raw data anymore because the software largely prevents it — although you might, if the analyst themselves are up to shenanigans of some sort. But the days of “drylabbing” analytical are long gone. As far as I’ve seen.

Also: I should probably update my About page.

Painted on My Heart//The Cult

I’ve still got your face
Painted on my heart
Carved upon my soul
Etched upon my memory

And I’ve got your kiss
Still, burning on my lips
The touch of your fingertips
Is left so deep inside of me

No one will give Ian major props for his lyrics. He tends to be repetitious and although I love listening to The Cult, I never really did it for the words.

But every once in a while, they nail it. I’m still surprised this is largely only available as a single or compilation album — but so is “The Witch”, so…

I think that Ian’s singing and sense of rhythm is what makes the vocals compelling, as opposed to the words themselves. He sure likes to use “baby” a lot, baby.

A Mirage//The Essence

The Dutch band, The Essence was one of those Cure-likes out there back in 1984. Their first two albums mimicked Faith and Seventeen Seconds in a number of ways, although a true Cure fanatic could see numerous songwriting differences between the bands. While their third album still hinted of their Cure influence (as evidenced in the song below, reminiscent of Head on the Door songs), they started developing more of their own sound by that point. They faded away from my access (thanks to regional record and CD sales restrictions popular at the time), but I guess they had a few more albums.

This is still on of my favorite songs by them.

Walking away through crowds
I will forever be with you
Silently away they melt
Like ice I push you through
As we dream of perfect ways
Oh, to die so brave, oh please
Don’t dream alone tonight
As I mouth the words
You’re so far away