vss365: #excommunicate

I am connecting better with the early March host, maybe because he’s choosing words that aren’t focused heavily on sexual connotations for EVERY. SINGLE. PROMPT. And there isn’t the constant sales pitch.

Anyway — you can tell I am focused on horror elements of storytelling between today and yesterday (#extrude, body found in the woods theme).

Today’s prompt keeps reminding me of this song:

Witches’ Rave // Jeff Buckley

From the posthumous album “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk” after is accidental death by drowning. While I’m all for his rendition of “Hallelujah” (one of my favorite covers), I think that this album would have been even better than anything else he’d done, if Jeff hadn’t died prematurely.

He was unhappy with how it was going, and may have axed more than a few of the songs if he had lived to see it completed — but I appreciate how his mother insisted that they didn’t pretty up the tracks if Sony wanted to release it. Essentially, the ultimatum was: release as is, or not at all.

I’d probably get along with her.

There are more catchy tracks on the album, but I was in the mood to share this particular one. “The Sky is a Landfill”, “Everybody Here Wants You”, and “Yard of Blonde Girls” is more to his earlier style of performing and liked more by the critics. But, screw critics.

Love Will Tear Us Apart // Joy Division

I stumbled upon Ian Curtis’ original handwritten lyrics for Love Will Tear Us Apart and felt I just had to share.

If it hasn’t been clear, Ian Curtis is one of the most significant influences in why I write. I may not write in a manner that reflects the influence he had on me, but it was listening to Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and The Cure in my early teens that moved me into the types of topics that I generally explore even now.

A video of the song follows his handwritten lyrics.

M // The Cure

Another melancholy overcast day. Hurry up and wait until tomorrow before going back to a story that somehow got hijacked along the way and is nothing like I’d sketched in outlines written on reams of cheap printer paper.

Hello image
Sing me a line from your favourite song
Twist and turn but you're trapped in the light
All the directions were wrong

You'll fall in love with somebody else tonight

Help yourself
But tell me the words before you fade away
You reveal all the secrets to remember the end
And escape someday

You'll fall in love with somebody else again tonight

Take a step
You move in time but it's always back
The reasons are clear
Your face is drawn and ready for the next attack