a Twitter-published storytelling experiment

©2022 Michael Raven

What follows are a series of scenes written on Twitter and reformatted as a single “scene” per page for readability and for those people who might have one reason or another to eschew the Twitter platform. Each fragment is the raw, unedited content of the original, the only exception being to reformat to fit on WordPress and be more visually appealing (e.g., combine broken lines, change “&” to “and”, etc.). There are errata (corrected when caught in this version). One day, if a substantial story emerges, I will revise and edit, fixing all of the errors and plot holes that develop when writing serialized fiction by the seat of your pants, as this story was written. The story is inspired by art produced by SentientLine, but it should not be inferred that the artist endorses this work of fiction, nor is it reflective of whatever stories that they may have created based on their own art.

This page will be updated as new “shards” become available. Date following link is the date originally published.

shard 1.00 [24May22]

shard 2.00 [24May22]

shard 3.00 [26May22]

shard 4.00 [28May22]

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