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Michael Raven has been murdering innocent words since some time in primary school and hasn’t had the decency to stop after he was first published in second grade. He is an equal-opportunity destroyer of words, having written not only poetry, but fiction, technical papers, philosophical and neopagan essays, as well as being the primary lyricist for bands playing music ranging from punk to old school gothic to Irish-inspired folk. In the mid-90s, he was the emcee and primary organizer (with the extensive help of several partners) in a spoken word/open mic salon, Sweet Immolation, located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Since that time, Michael has become more reclusive and has focused primarily on quietly exploring ecstatic and shamanic approaches towards verse — poetry often based in Taoist, Zen, Native American and Northern European traditions (Celtic and Norse). He is deeply interested in the Old Ways and is currently heavily invested in understanding the esoteric meaning of the Elder Futhark runes.

Michael currently resides in the suburbs of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area with too many cats and several girls. He wouldn’t mind returning to the NW Coast and opening an espresso bar when he retires so he can try to make the philosopher’s stone equivalent of the perfect shot of espresso.

Michael is the author of galdr: thought and memory, published by Raw Earth Ink.

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