Star || The Cult

©2023 michael raven

I took no holy vow
Won't you hold this pagan soul
Hold my soul

I kiss her sandaled foot
She's my holy pearl
The ghetto in your mind
Treating her unkind

Star --
I'll reach you if I try
Riot grrrl
Show me your truth

More memories of walking around Lower Queen Anne, Denny Regrade, Pike’s Market, Belltown and the Waterfront in Seattle. I lived downtown at the time and could always find something interesting just by wandering. Sometimes by just standing and letting the world wander around me. This song, for whatever reason evokes those memories. Maybe it was the whole riot grrrl and garageband scene. Maybe it was the end of a period where I really enjoyed “the scene” in general, something that afterwards seemed to lose it’s luster for reasons I don’t care to go into at this time. Like so many of my life’s decisions, I made them without thinking of the consequences of my actions and I honestly should have stayed put — I’d probably be less surly in my old age if I had. It’s not as if today’s Seattle is the same as it was back then, but I gave up a lot of my individuality by moving back to the heartland, conforming, and trying to get out of disasterpiece theater by deciding to adult.

A few more years being wild would not have hurt my soul one bit. But it is a bit late to go back to the before.

If I sound a bit melancholic, it is because I am. Shocker.

Have a good long weekend if you’re the type who has weekends. I apparently am not that type at this time and will be working.

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