treasure in the racks

©2023 michael raven

be the record shop treasure
as i flip through and through
click clack click clack
the cd case racket wishing
on that music well for
something different
to the ear, mouth moving
silent to words jotted down
a glimpse inside that head,
mouth uncomfortable at
the shapes it makes while
the click clack click clack
ratchets through the room
Photo by Maor Attias on

9 thoughts on “treasure in the racks

  1. I like the ‘click clack’ but it’s not the same as the feel of the cardboard surrounding the vinyl! I also feel that now things in record shops are a bit more homogenised and it is much more difficult to find that new gem.
    Keep looking, though!

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  2. Yes, oh, yes… I got to one of the few remaining record stores in the Baltimore area still left over the weekend with my birthday gift cards. It had been nearly 2 years since I had a small raid at a music shop, whereas in the past, a weekly habit. Just leafing through the vinyl and CDs is instant therapy. It felt amazing.

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  3. You got that right! The store owners got to know you and even if you walked out without buying anything, they understood the need. It would be more than made up in future visits. I was happy to score Depeche Mode 101 on Blu Ray and the Twin Peaks score this time around.

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