©2023 michael raven

to slumber
to wade forgetful
rivers underearth
with two coins
for the ferryman
in hand, copper
tokens to carry
me carry me home

13 thoughts on “copper

            1. They are an acquired taste, I’ll grant you. I like the sense of humor that is not super obvious and is dry as good gin. I was more of a Stuffie back in the day, but like my PWEI.

              Just up the road? Guess I really ought to drop in on you 😀

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            2. The Wonder Stuff, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and PWEI all formed around the same time in Stourbridge which is within a mile of where I live. I know your side of the water distance is a different concept and ‘just up the road’ could be miles and miles!
              Our brief claim to fame!

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            3. 🤣 fame can be fleeting indeed.

              I’ve found that relative distance depends on where you live here. Minnesota, and just up the road might be 40 miles. Seattle, and it was all based on how long it took. One mile might take longer to drive than walk, so folks always talked about distance in terms of time.

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