down by the river

©2023 michael raven

we can't stop, no
we can't stop
lambs wool eye blind
into autumn's wood and
down by the river
down by the river

effigy on the harrow
what did he do
to earn such a face?
boneless heap, raw head
kudzu carry me carry me
down by the river
tonight, tonight
down by the river

she slipped
between fingers
and floated away
blood in the water
thrashing, thrashing
there, blood in the water
down by the river

chronic town
headache hollow tree, we
lived coughing in the
halloween tree
throw back the wool
in blind eyes, your eyes
down by the river tonight...
Photo by Karol Wiu015bniewski on

6 thoughts on “down by the river

    1. I was dabbling a bit yesterday with my DAW, which might explain the lyrical feel to anything written yesterday. Unfortunately, I was fixated on a riff that I keep revisiting and never quite end up liking the result when I layer other instruments.

      I should look less backwards and more forward, as I did with the poetry as I explored a rejiggered version of what I explored about a month ago that didn’t work in practice, but showed promise in my noggin.

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