rest my head

©2023 michael raven

i want to rest my head
on the cool stone
flaked blue lichen by 
the deep, wide lake
listen to the songs of
ancestors memoried
there under skies green
gather wool, gather
'round my body chill
slumbering & still

4 thoughts on “rest my head

  1. I spent three hours at the lake this week taking photos and just listening. It spurred me to buy a park pass again and commit to swimming in the waters all summer. I’d forgotten the pull of the lake until I was there again.

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    1. I wish I could go to the old cabin my aunt used to have. Wish I’d been better off when she passed so I could have bought it from her estate. Sigh. One day I’ll buy a camper or something and just head out and hit parks no one wants to go to.

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