It may be time

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I’ve been itching to add some ink to my skin about five minutes after the last time I added some ink to my skin. Between the pandemic and the sudden influx of folks wanting to get tattoos, I couldn’t ever seem to get it to happen post-2019. My first was in the late 80s, back when people still looked at you in shock that you’d do such a thing, so any wait time between going into a shop greater than “Sure, sit down” is an influx in my mind.

Anyway, I’ve considered quite a few ideas here since the last tattoo and even came very close to booking an appointment with a lead time of six months (!), but changed my mind about the ideas and the people doing the art (I have been several times been disappointed in the personalities and responsiveness of the artists I considered).

I had considered getting another raven on my other arm, a bit of Lewis Carroll verse, a jubjub or a bandersnatch, a bit of Jon Muth art, something with runes and wings, then a different raven, then… disgusted with the wait times, art quality, and personalities of the people I was dealing with, I gave up. There’s a newer shop that opened up nearby (literally a 20 minute walk, 5 minute drive) and I like one of the artist’s work. And she books in less than a half year from now, LOL.

I still toying with design, but I am tempted to borrow the petroglyphic reindeer included with my rune poems, maybe see if they can mock up a crow or raven with the same feel to go alongside it, add a few other meaningful bits to it. Add an orca along the same lines…

Maybe it’s spring, but I’m feeling that itch again and I want to get it scratched.

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4 thoughts on “It may be time

    1. After all of this work, I certainly have the money for it. 😀

      Thanks. I wish I was a better artist so I could at least sketch out my idea, but my stick people are abysmal, so you can imagine how bad something like this would look if I drew it.

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